What is our vision?

The Fishermen Trust (TFT) has been established to work with other agencies to Engage and Empower these young people and then Enable and Equip them to make better choices.

TFT is a Christian organisation and therefore believes that real change can only come when a young person connects with God – the one who made them in the first place!

TFT believes that each individual is unique and has purpose and potential to fulfil. Much of the work the Trust is involved in is focussed on holistic development of the person – seeking to help them with mind, emotions, body and spirit. TFT believes that one of the best tools to achieve this is experiential learning – especially in an outdoor (adventure camping) environment.

For many years now, TFT has given young people experiences in abseiling, kayaking, gorge walking, climbing and team games that enables each young person to realise who they are and what they can achieve.

As well as developing adventure centres, TFT will also be developing other projects that will work with the whole young person.

For further details, see the 'future' section of this website or download a copy of the TFT Business Plan.