Introducing our team?

Santosh:  Project manager  

Santosh joined TFT in 2009 and heads up the administration work at TFT. 

Santosh is also going to be heading up the drop in centre that TFT are developing.

Raj: Founder and Director

Rajshekar Moorthy has a and BA Hons. in Youth Work and Youth Ministry which he achieved whilst in the UK for 4 years.  

Raj founded TFT in January 2006. 

Raj leads the Charity and manages the staff.

 He is also responsible for fundraising and liaising with the TFT trustees. 

Nandu: Outdoor Instructor 

Nandu joined the Trust in 2007. Nandu leads on outdoor pursuits development with TFT. He is very skilled in both technical and parctical aspects of climbing and other outdoor sports.

TFT is governed by a Board of trustees (see pictuee below) who meet regularly to give oversight to the Trust and it's staff. The Board are drawn from various settings and have a wide range of skills. They regularly meet for training and to review their performance.

The boards main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Set and maintain vision, mission and values

2. Develop strategy

3. Establish and monitor policies

4. Set up employment procedures

5. Ensure compliance with governing document.

6. Ensure accountability

7. Ensure compliance with the law

8. Maintain proper fiscal oversight

9. Select, manage and support the chief executive

10. Respect the role of staff

11. Maintain effective board performance

12. Promote the organisation

The TFT Board and it's staff are committed to working to a clear set of values set out on the TFT Business Plan:

* We will be God centred…TFT is a Christian organisation and as such, our focus from beginning to end is on God and on the building of His kingdom. However, TFT are committed to working with all people of all faiths. Each TFT project is established to serve all the community.

* We will introduce people to God…..Our aim is to introduce people to God. We will do this, as we believe that a personal relationship with God is the best thing a person can ever discover. Having said this we will not pressurize anyone but give the freedom to respond or not.

* We will ensure prayer is at the heart.....Because we are a Christian organisation, we are committed to prayer being at the heart of all we do in TFT. We cannot deliver any of our projects and ultimately build God’s Kingdom without God in every aspect of our work. We are therefore wholly committed to prayer being at the heart of all we do,

* We will be people focussed…People will always be the focus of all that we do in TFT. We will continue to establish projects and secure resources to support all that we do but core to all that we do will always be a commitment and focus on people. “People matter more than things,” we will not let anything else take the place of this motto.

* We will serve the community…Our main aim is to be of service to the community in the same way as Christ was. In everything Christ did, he served… Whilst taking a clear leadership role in the community where we can, this leadership will come from an attitude of a servant

* We will have integrity in all we do…We will act at all times with honesty and integrity. We will do as we say and say as we do. We believe this will generate high standards of satisfaction and performance in all projects and gets results – in every sense!

* We will be creative and proactive…We will seek to be innovative and creative in all projects. We will always strive to take the lead in India’s fast growing culture, to be proactive in a desire to shape our culture and not  just respond to it.  

* We will be fair and embrace diversity...We will treat everyone we work with – users of our projects, funders, supporters, and employees fairly. We will embrace diversity and work to challenge every disadvantage we encounter.







 The TFT Trustees:

Annie, Miriam, Praveen, Paul & Raj