What is happening now?

There are 4 mains areas to the Fishermen Trust's vision:


i.    Adventure camping: Outdoor pursuits are a great tool in youth work. TFT will initially run camps with the existing campsites for the underprivileged, dysfunctional and marginalized young people. We will also work with school pupils and urban young people in providing outdoor adventure activities.


In the near future, TFT will work towards setting up its own Adventure Outdoor centres, where it will seek to provide various activities in adventure sports - see vision diagram. It will also function as a training centre for outdoor pursuits.

The adventure centres will provide activities that are purpose built to enhance learning in personal and social development. Services will be provided to deal with issues such as  Self Esteem, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Relationship, Problem Solving, Decision making skills,  Team Building and many more.

You can see a video fo our outdoor work here and view a report of a typical camp here.

ii. Youth drop in centre:  Youth Drop In centres will be a project, which will provide a range of services in  Information, Advice, Advocacy and Counselling for young people 


Information and Advice will be provided in issues such as Sexual Health, Substance Misuse, Family, Abuse, Housing, Employment and Mental Health. Counselling will be offered on an appointment basis.


The Drop In centre will also work closely with other NGO’s in networking resources. Advocacy will be an integral part in supporting young people empowering them to make informed decisions; and base their choices on knowledge rather than ignorance.


Along with the Drop In centre, there will be Night Shelter projects for young people who are homeless. An assessment will be made along with referral to other agencies. Referral will be also made for training and employment.  


iii. Relationships: TFT will work in partnership with Churches and Agencies both nationally and internationally. We will seek to have exchange programs, between India and the UK, thereby creating opportunities for young people to be exposed to and involved in different cultures. 


Liaison will also be built with agencies where they will be involved in specialised training programs tailored towards the needs in Youth Work and in Adventure pursuits.


Setting up inner city youth events with local youth workers; projects will be set for social action   working along with churches in reaching out to their communities. Worship events will be set-up for young people where they can come and be involved in worship and in social action, putting their faith into action.

Build partnership in working with young people at grassroots in rural areas. TFT will seek to have working relations in strengthening youth workers at the grassroots in the rural context by sharing resources and coming alongside them in supporting their work.


iv.Training: TFT will facilitate accredited training in Youth Work for people who seek to be professionally qualified in youth work. A combination of theory and best youth work practice will be offered in youth work and ministry. TFT’s future plan is to run a two –three year Diploma, Degree program in Youth Work and Ministry.


To start with TFT will work in partnership with Bible colleges in setting up a short- term course, and will set up specialised programs for churches to enhance training for youth workers and youth pastors. Subsequently there will be regular youth work conferences held throughout the country.    


TFT will seek to provide training for church leaders in rural settings where they can make an impact in reaching young people at grassroots. Training programs will be carefully tailored to meet the challenges in diversity facing the Indian youth culture.

The adventure centre will also be used as a training centre where Instructor training courses will be provided for people who want to pursue outdoor adventure activities. It will host a whole range of accredited courses in outdoor and adventure activities  (see the section on adventure camps)

For an up to date account of TFT listen here for a copy of a preach Dave Hider did at Christchurch Croydon in April 2009