How did we get here?

TFT was established in January 2006 by Rajashekar Moorthy B.Th, B A. Hons in Youth Work and Youth Ministry.

Raj has had a number of years of experience in:

  • active youth work - both personal and professional. 
  • work in both a church and community based setting in India and the UK
  • study in India and the UK in youth work and theology including research into theories, concepts and best practice in youth work and its role in meeting the needs of communities in India, the UK and possibly beyond
  • Christian Outdoor centres in India and in the UK for a number of years and specialised training in Adventure Camping.
  • professional training in water sports (Canoeing, Kayaking and Sailing)

Raj’s experience in working and studying in both cultures has allowed him to draw from a wealth of exposure in youth work. In comparison, both cultures have their own strengths and weaknesses: In simple terms, Indian being strong in community and relationships, UK at planning, strategy and organisation.  

The learning curve has been that Youth work principles and good youth work practices are transferral in both cultures if tailored towards purpose built youth work. Fundamentally, young people matter, how we invest in them today will result in dividends for the future.

In 2006, with the help of a good friend from the UK, Raj set out to capture the vision that was on his heart on paper by writing a vision/business plan. You can get a copy here. The plan set out the  following 7 key elements of the vision:

1. Vision: All projects will be rooted in this vision and be checked against it regularly.

2. Values: Fixed values that will run through every project that is developed.

3. Why the project is needed (including a SWOT analysis following research undertaken)

4. Baseline position with milestones projections & Key indicators to be achieved in the coming year

5. Relationships with others & partnership working

6. Funding and financial projections for the first 3 years

7. Conclusions and contact information