Who we work with

One of the strengths of TFT would be in working in close partnership with Churches, Christian Organisations, Schools, Colleges and NGO‟s. TFT will strive to share its resources and network with others.

Although TFT will work in partnership with others, it will abide by its vision and its policy to enhance what God has called us to do. Most of FYM projects are new interventions in the Indian context; it will embrace every kind of support from others and offer support.

As TFT is relatively new, it will work in strengthening its existing relationships both locally and internationally and work towards building new relationships with others. It would be interdependent and will have a win-win attitude.

Organisations in UK like Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre, Abernethy Trust, Christian Camping International, Oasis Trust, Croydon Drop In Centre, Space2ThinkChristian Life Centre, Hereford and Christ Church West Croydon will be our international partners, TFT will work in partnership with them in securing resources.

Organisations in India like Scripture Union, Break Through, Kerygma, Oasis India, Provision India, Southern Asia Bible College, New Life Bible College and Banswadi Bible Church will be key as close working partners.

TFT values the concept of working together and building partnerships, it understands this is crucial to be effective in reaching the mega youth population of India.