How can you contact us?

Hi! My name is Raj Moorthy and I am the founder and Director of the Fishermen Trust.

I am so excited to be a part of what God is doing today in India! This is a land of opportunity for the 555 million young people that live here and we need to continue to find innovative ways to reach these young people. TFT is just one response to the need in this Country which is unprecedented.

But we cannot meet this need on our own….

In the Bible in Luke 5:1-11, Jesus asked Peter to cast his net on the other side of the boat to catch fish. Peter took Jesus at his word in spite of a hard night of disappointment trying to catch fish. The result of his obedience brought such large a number of fish that his nets began to break. So much so that he had to call his partners to come and help.

It is with this analogy I want to invite you as partners to come alongside in helping to pull the net together. Help me to make this vision a reality, I know God is committed to this in fulfilling his purpose in my life but I would like you to be a part of God’s doing.

We are currently in the process of establishing a '100 club'; recruiting 100 supporters to give 1000 Rupees (just over £12) a month to support our work. Will you join them? Just think what £12 will buy you in the UK... a meal? a T shirt? Why not commit to a £12 a month gift to the Trust and see lives changed!!?

May I take this time to thank you for browsing the site. If you want to know what is happening on a more regular basis with the Trust you can join our mailing list by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing from you! Click me in the picture above to be in touch!