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Bangalore, India Hello and welcome to the 'live' section of the website....the place where we communicate to friends and supporters in India , the UK, the US and elsewhere around the world... For details of the vision of the trust and further information on our work have a look around the main part of this site or view our online photo album by clicking the pics on the right. Enjoy the following stories of what God is doing with us here in India....

Christmas 2010 newsletter

December 19, 2010
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Latest news - September 2010

September 10, 2010
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Camp season report May '10

May 26, 2010

Hi, Raj here.....

It’s with great joy and humility I want to let you know that we had an amazing and a fruitful summer full of camps.

We had over thousand children and young people go through our camps not to mentions the adults. The month of April got us on our feet doing camps back to back in schools, apartments and playgrounds. We also did three camps in Chennai for the first time. The heat took us by surprise it was 40°. Over all we had an amazing opportunity to share the gospel to the children and young people. I am not too sure of their response but I believe the word was sown in the hearts and God in his time will bring into fruition. All of these children come from different faith backgrounds and different walks of life. It’s a great joy to see these children and young people to have the opportunity to do adventure activities and stays in tents; it’s not common for young people to have such opportunities in this country. The month of May also brought us opportunities for camps, we were able to conduct camps for Churches, Christian organizations and Christian orphanage. We have been so blessed to serve the Lord through young people.

One camp that griped my heart was the one which I had organized for orphanage children the youngest one was of three years old and the oldest one was twelve years old , these children were so beautiful and they were allover me , couldn’t stop hugging them and loving them . At one session I asked the children what Jesus meant to them the children one by one kept saying ‘Jesus is my mother’ ‘Jesus is my Father’ ‘Jesus is my brother’ ‘Jesus is my every thing’ ‘Jesus is my big sister’ ‘Jesus is my savior’ I couldn’t stop myself from crying cant imagine growing without parents and not  receive the love of a father or mother growing. On the last night of the camp I asked all the children to go around and pray for each other. It was one of the most amazing time of pray I have had , children praying for adults and praying for other children . I was so blessed and thankful to God for teaching me so many things through these children. I plan to visit at lest once a month .

The Lord seems to keep adding to our adventure gear, we introduced archery and tubing in our camps this summer. God has enabled us to buy equipments through our friends generous giving for which we are so grateful. The Lord has also blessed me with an amazing team of guys who love the Lord and are dedicated in serving Him. Clement, Santhan , Michael , Dinesh are volunteer staff  along with Nandu and Santosh who work as fulltime staff .

There are some photos here and below and a full report available. Just click the image above.

I want to thank you for all your investment and encouragement, which you have supported me for all these years. Please continue to pray for us. Our news letter will follow very soon . Thank you once again for taking time in celebrating along with us. God bless.


Latest news Feb. '10:

April 3, 2010

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Drop In centre research etc

February 5, 2010

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Review of 2009

December 27, 2009
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News from TFT at Christmas

December 11, 2009

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Camps, camps and more camps:

November 2, 2009
Reports through today on some recent TFT camps in conjunction with other Christian organisations:

Counter Trend 2009

Kerygma in association with The Fishermen Trust organised the ‘Counter Trend 2009’ annual camp. Kerygma is a Christian organisation involved in youth ministry in Bangalore. This Camp was organised for youth especially for non Christian. TFT was involved in facilitating the adventure activities, team challenges and fun games to connect the camp theme – “Discover Yourself, Discover Others & Discover God”. The camp was held from 30th September to 5th October at the Scripture Union campsite (avalanche), Ooty, south India.

The group of 44 consisted campers, Kerygma staff, volunteers and 4 TFT staff and volunteers. TFT facilitated activities like Trekking, hike to the waterfall, monkey crawling, team challenge activities, swimming, debriefing at campfire, etc., As per the feedback from the Kerygma staff, we learnt that 9 youngsters committed their lives to Christ for the first time and many recommitted themselves. Raj personally led two young people to Christ. Due to bad weather, most of the planned activities could not be done. But the TFT team managed to do alternate team activities and got a very good response from the campers, there were excited and sharing there fun experience while debriefing. For many of them trekking and monkey crawling (flying fox) was new and they were challenged personally. and Kerygma, for the first time is exploring an adventure camp  


Oasis camp:
Oasis camp was conducted in the same camp site in Avalanche ooty.  It was organised by The Fishermen Trust in partnership with Oasis India.

This was a Tamil speaking group the Session’s was in local language Tamil. Oasis India reaches young people through foot ball in Bangalore.  These boys come from poor back ground family most of them were non believers. We had forty campers and ten staff and volunteers. Four staff and volunteer from TFT. All forty Boys were around 13 to 22 years old.    

TFT raised around 50% of the camp expenses. All the activities were facilitated by TFT team. It was a great opportunity to work with these boy’s. This was their first experience of a camp away from home and also at an adventure camp. The boys were excited from the time they boarded the bus from Bangalore to Ooty. Every experience was new to them and their excitement boosted up our spirits.


The boys enjoyed trek though it was tiring, being athletes kept them going with joy. They were introduced to some survival knowledge as we trekked to the campsite. It was a great privilege for us to organize many adventure activities like tree climbing, river crossing, gorge walking, kayaking, hike to waterfalls and team challenges etc. These Boys were enthusiastic about the activities as this was their first experience.

Sessions were the big highlight of the camp. As they shared the Word of God and the testimonies from the group and leaders through which twenty of them were committed the life to the Lord. These boys were astray by the influence of their surrounding. By God’s grace they all accepted Christ as their personal savior.

By God’s grace we could see the difference in their life. TFT was able to meet their needs. Once again TFT has seen how important outdoor camping can be an effective tool in introducing people to our Creator and his redeeming love.  We as TFT team are thankful to all our prayer supporters and well wishers. Through your prayers and support many young people are coming to know the love of Christ.



News from Raj's US trip

October 29, 2009
Here's some news from the US trip that Raj went on recently:   

Dear Friends

Just want to let you know that I am back in India. My time in the US was well worth it. If I’m honest I had the time of my life doing lots of wilderness trips. In total I did about four wilderness camps. Most of the camps had canoe trips. I had never canoed so much in all my life! I enjoyed every bit of it specially going through rapids. I had great opportunities to share the Christian Faith with young people and encouraged them in their journey of faith. I also enjoyed horse riding and even got to handle Guns and did some target shooting. The state of Maine is big in fishing and hunting as you can see!!:


Towards the end of my stay I got to do little bit of traveling. Mr. and Mrs. Calder’s have been so generous and took such good care of me. The flew me from New York to Florida and back to Bangor Maine. I stayed with their daughter and son-in-law Laurie and Paul. They took me to see Disney World and Sea World. I was amazed to see all these, it was indeed a fantasy world. I enjoyed the sea world, it was a wonderful experience seeing Sea Lions and Killer Whales .I am so humbled and fortunate to see all this. .


During my travel I took some time off to reflect the experience and learning, which I had while staying at the Living Waters Wilderness center. It was indeed a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and learn new ways of doing adventure camps. At times, it was overwhelming in a good way and doable in India too. God was really stirring me up for evangelism and to be more focused to bring out salvation application in the camps. I had a great time of spiritual renewal too. God was impressing lot of thing on my heart. One thing that really stood out was that God is the source of all resources and if he can do it in America He can also do it in India.I met so many wonderful people who heard what God was doing in my life and with TFT and people believe in the Lords work in India. I am so thankful to Joan and Wendell Calder, Karen and Roger Black and Dave Conley for they have invested so much in me, thank you guys!


Last but not the least at the Living water camp center they have bible conferences and lots of people come from US and from Canada for summer vacations.  I got to share my testimony while I was there, after sharing my testimony I used to say that I have lots of stories of God’s provision but I said that one day I will have the story of how God provided the Old Town canoes (ever since I saw the old town canoes in the UK I have been wanting to have them for India, it will be great for Indian young people. I had not known that they are made in old town in Maine US ) , so I would leave with this challenge . But just before I was leaving back to India it was Labor Day weekend at the camp center and there was a big music concert in which Mr Calder was the speaker . I shared my testimony and about TFT and said one day I will have the story of God providing those Old Town Canoes for India. Mr Calder got up to speak and in public he asked me how many Canoes  do I need, I said for a start, I need about six. He said that he will get those canoes if I could find a way to ship them to India. I was God smacked and left speechless.There you go people of God I have got my Canoes isn’t amazing? I am sure God will open a door to ship those canoes to India. Would you please pray with me in seeing God opening a door for this. I have lots of things to do before those canoes come, I need to find the Land, place to store, and the rivers and the lakes ( just to let you know, we do have crocodiles in our rivers but not in all rivers). God is good and I know, He will bring it to fruit in his time . Thank you for your commitment for TFT. God is doing great things please do keep us in your prayers.





News from Kim and Charlotte's trip

September 21, 2009
For those that follow the blog often, you will be aware that Kim and Charlotte spent a couple of weeks out with TFT specifically looking at the development of the drop in centre (something that Kim is somewhat of an expert in as she is CEO the Croydon drop in).

Here is a short note from them on their trip with some pictures etc to follow:

Bengaluru (formally known to me as Bangalore), became our home for two weeks in late August early September.  We have been back home a week and all our friends, family and colleagues are saying  How was it? Did you like? Was it different? Food, people etc etc.  It isn’t easy to just share what happened to us during those two weeks very quickly.  When we first arrived India was well in flow of celebrating the Genish festival and wow was it noisy.  One night of not sleeping in a small hotel in the city centre just off of MG road was our introduction to this amazing place. At 3.00 am in the morning my husband and Charlotte’s friend left us to fly back to the UK, we were going to start our stay with unknown friends at the Fisherman’s Trust.  What we didn’t know was how generous and wonderful these friends would turn out to be.

Nandoo, who is currently involved in the Adventure camping side of TFT came and met us at the hotel, I was struck by how young he was yet he had such a warmth about him he immediately made me feel at ease (at this point I felt strangely apprehensive).  Charlotte and I were safely placed in a taxi which drove with care and skill – the driving of taxi’s is something not to be missed in India, and I can assure you getting to grips with the traffic is one thing you have to do if you don’t want to be a nervous wreck! 

We arrived at our accommodation and were greeted by Prya our hostess, it was just lovely to have our own room and a lovely shower and bathroom all to ourselves.  Later Santosh arrived and we then had met the two young men who had to share their lives with us for a fortnight.  Santosh, a little older than Nandoo and a much shyer person greeted us and as we all stood together at Prya’s I thought oh this is going to be interesting!!!  Two young men faced with a middle aged British womwas when the fun and the adventure began.We were placed in a rickshaw (my most favourite form of transport in the whole world) and were directed to Lingrajprom.  In true experiential learning mode Nandoo said we could do this for ourselves tomorrow.  It is an understatement to say I have trouble getting my pronunciation right (let alone my spelling) and I dreaded ending up in some part of Bangalore that was unknown to anyone. 

Charlotte kept a day by diary of our events, but suffice to say that over the course of the next few days we started to get to know our ‘minders’ and very soon realised how special they were.  We laughed, we had fun and we also experienced some sad things together but one thing is certain I have a strong resolve to return to Bangalore and to meet with my new friends again the thought of that not happening would be just unthinkable.

Dave was worried about how we would manage without Raj and to be honest so did I, but on reflection I think the way it turned out was for the best and probably exactly how it was meant to be.  In our second week Raj returned from his own adventure in the USA and we had two brief days together and in true Raj style he spoilt us rotten.  Anyone who knows Raj knows what a wonderful person he is and I was lucky enough to know and realise this all over again.  It was sad that we didn’t get long time together but it does really help my belief that we will be meeting again, in the not too distant future.

During my time with Santosh and Nandoo I was given free reign to look at the TFT’s systems and structure, this helped me to draw an idea of how my colleagues back in London can support the next part of the development and to ensure that future volunteers go with a clear idea of what they can offer.  As with any volunteering role, the support of the volunteer is a stress on the host and really must be a two way thing.  There is much we can offer from here but also have clear understanding that we are volunteers that should be supporting and not causing extra work.  I was acutely aware of this and as such I am so very grateful to the time and care given to us both.  I am going to put my thinking cap on now, will remain in touch with all members of the TFT and hopefully be able to be of some practical and real use in the coming months. 

And from Charlotte:

For me, everyday in Bangalore brought a new and exciting experience.  Nandoo and Santosh were so fantastic in showing us the best parts of the wonderful city we were staying in.To tell you the truth, I felt as though I did not have much to offer TFT, especially as the camps were not running in the period of time that we were visiting.  Despite this, I was made to feel so welcome.  Although I could not offer any hands on volunteering skills, I was able to gain a lot personally, including a whole new perspective of life and how much great work is being done by the people of Bangalore for the people of Bangalore.  With this new perspective of life both there and at home and with the invitation of Raj I have provisional plans to return at the end of my university course next year!  I feel I will have a lot more skills and experience to share when I visit again.

 I honestly cannot explain fully how amazing and special these few weeks in India were for me.  I have so many memories that will stay with me forever, and that is all thanks to Nandoo, Santosh, Rhani and Raj and many others who we met during our trip, who are all kind and selfless people!

We give so many thanks to TFT and also the members of the BBC for making our trip so memorable, exciting, humbling and outstanding.